WordPress under IIS,PHP7 and SQL-Express – Part 1

How do I install WordPress in a Windows Server environment on IIS, PHP7 and SQL-Express?
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You may find it curious to want to install WordPress under IIS. The majority of the installations of this CMS are done on Linux with the trio Apache, Php and MySql.
For my part mastering the Windows Server environment rather than a server under Unix. I took the opportunity of the existence Project Nami a WordPress Fork for the production of this CMS.

Several software will be required for the installation of WordPress under this environment.
– an IIS web server and Ftp
– Web Plateform Install for PHP7 and external librairy
– SQLExpress in 2012 minimum version
– the WordPress 5.2.2 fork of the Nami Project in 2.2.2 version available on GitHub

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