Which programs accept or have Windows-based Internet connections

Some programs may reveal the information directly to their respective interfaces, while others may not provide you with that information.

This is especially true for dubious or downright malicious applications.

One option you have is to set up a software or hardware firewall to allow connections only through programs you’ve checked on a case-by-case basis.

However, if you simply want to know the current status of the connections, you can use various internal and third-party tools to do this.

The Netstat command

One of the simplest options is to use the netstat command. Here’s how you use it for this purpose:

Tap the Windows button and type cmd.exe.
Click with the right mouse button on the result and select Run as an administrator. This launches an command prompt with a high level.
Tap netstat -bona and tap Entry.

Netstat command

What are the settings?
b – shows the executable involved in creating the connection.
o – displays the ID of the ownership process.
n – displays the address and port numbers.
a – displays all connections and all listening ports.

The command lists executable files, IP addresses and local and external ports, and status as a list. You immediately see which programs have created connections or are listening.

Netstat order result

NetStat with PowerShell

You can also use Powershell which offers several interesting options.

Tap the Windows button and type powerhell.
Click the right mouse button on the result and select Run as an administrator. This handles it with high privileges.
Type $nets = NetStat. This allows the Netstat output to be recorded in the $nets variable.
Tap $nets | select-string “Established” to display only established connections.

NetStat PowerShell order

Use the same syntax to search for other strings, for example to listen.

Another useful command is netsh interface ipv4 show tcpconnections.

Order NetStat int ipv4 PowerShell


There is a software that I find more comfortable to use, it is called CurrPorts.
It’s a portable app for Windows that displays all open connections and start-up listening ports.

CurrPorts software

What’s great is that it’s very easy to use and comes with additional features that you’ll probably find useful.

You can use it to search for data, for example, or filters to show only specific connections.

Refresh is fast and you can export the data to other formats such as csv or xml.

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